PHP Database Abstraction Layer – Chapter 3: Zend_Db

In the third and last part of my series of posts, I have tested one of many components from Zend Framework, one of the most mature, tested and complete PHP frameworks available. Although it is possible to use this component outside a standard ZF application, there are several extra configurations needed or the adoption of other components like Zend_Loader and Zend_Exception. As they don’t apply for this article’s scope, this kind of situation was intentionaly ommitted.

In a typical MVC application, Zend_Db is the tool responsible for encapsulating all the operations done in the model layer. In addition to database abstraction, it has other classes implementing object-relational mapping patterns, which will be presented in a new series of articles.

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PHP Database Abstraction Layer – Chapter 2: ADODb

Among the three tools that I chose to test, ADODb was certainly the most used by me, although always associated with other helper tools. Sadly, my respect for this component has fallen deeply after completing my tests.

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PHP Database Abstraction Layer – Chapter 1: Doctrine

Widely known for its ORM tool, Doctrine also has a DBAL project very interesting and robust, with native support for nine DBMS drivers (including PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL and IBM DB2), besides allowing the development of new drivers through its PDO-based API.

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